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Sourcing & Placing Staffs

Whether you’re looking to work overseas or an employer aiming to hire, our dedicate competence team streamline the process, ensuring compliance and success at every step. Hiring the wrong staff is costly and creates instability in your workforce. Hiring the right staff often means the difference between success and failure. We work closely with HR Professionals and Senior Executives responsible for hiring staff.


Our Manpower department covers all the Human resource management right from market mapping and assessment to career management, outplacement and workforce management. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with the knowledge, skills, and competencies essential for a highly advanced and capable workforce


We have been a successful partner for different airlines both locally and international. Our Visa tracking officer keeps an electronic visa log for all the visas that have been launched and the expected completion date of the visa the client’s traveling date.


To deliver specific services based on client’s need, we helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. We collaborate closely with our clients to accomplish predefined goals, drawing upon our extensive experience. We address the unique needs of our clients and our coaching delivers the best results that help them achieve their professional and business goals.


Looking For Staffs?

We help by developing and recommending a pipeline of skilled, reliable and culturally adaptable  welders, fabricators, diesel fitters, chefs, mechanics, nurses, machinists and construction trades people for large organizations seeking to develop an offshore recruitment process, at a greatly reduced cost to their businesses.

Our strengths lie in our experience. Our ability to recruit excellent candidates is unmatched and we bring value beyond the basic search function and recruitment of candidates.
Our team understands our clients’ need for skills and productivity. Our recruitment and screening process is comprehensive. 

We are your Best Choice!

Whether you’re seeking the perfect candidate, taking the first step towards a new career, or navigating the complexities of immigration, our doors are open. Let us assist you in finding the ideal foreign worker to enhance your team and drive your business forward

  • Healthcare & Doctor

  • Hotel & Restaurant

  • Information Technology

  • Engineering


Global Recruitment Consultancy

Experts In Staffing
Extensive Networks

Experts In Staffing In Kenya

We can be a great resource to your organization and deliver the high quality candidates of your mind. We are confident that once you get in touch with our teams, you will make us your preferred staffing partner.

Extensive Networks

we have built an extensive global talent network that enables us to recruit game changing candidates from all over the world.

We aim at Professionalism
Instead of supplying generic resumes, we are focused on delivering customized recruitment solutions tailored to client’s specific hiring needs, following a collaborative approach.

Our recruitment consultants will never rest until we find the perfect professionals who meet the demands of your vacant positions.